Many people wonder how the process works when considering solutions for their hearing loss. We want you to be informed so you can know ahead of time what to expect and also so you can be thinking of possible questions you might have. Here is what to expect:


Meet with our friendly receptionist and fill out a quick form with your general information. Then you will meet our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist in one of our private and comfortable patient rooms. Our first responsibility is to listen to your story, about what has brought you to the point of seeing us.


The first step in your evaluation is a simple and painless video otoscope exam. This procedure allows you and your hearing specialist to look in your ear canal together on a video screen. Our specialist will check for excessive earwax, blockages, or any medical issues with your ear canal or eardrum. Your struggles to hear may simply be a buildup of wax.


A comprehensive audiometric evaluation will be performed. During this evaluation, you will be asked to respond to a series of sounds and beeps at varying volume levels and frequencies. This allows our hearing expert to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Your results are documented, and then you will be shown a chart that illustrates your condition. We will also administer word testing to determine your ability to hear as well as understand what you are hearing.


If the specialist determines you have a hearing loss, and it can be aided, he will explain what hearing aids can do and what types of hearing aids are available.


There are many hearing aid sizes and models to choose from. You and your specialist will decide together which style works best for your needs. We’ll program a demo hearing aid so you can experience the latest in hearing technology and decide for yourself if you like what you hear. Generally, this first visit will take about 1 hour. If possible, we encourage you to bring someone with you that has a familiar voice so when you try on hearing aids you are able to judge their clarity.


Once you are comfortable with the information and solution we provide, the decision is yours in how we move forward. We accept most insurance and will handle claims for you. If you are a current or retired Federal employee with Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS-FEHB) insurance, your plan pays up to $2,500 every 3 years which is enough to cover the cost of our Starkey 3 series i30 hearing aids. Auditory Assistants is your authorized BCBS-FEHB hearing professionals and will handle your claim.Visit for more information about your benefits. If financing would help, we offer Care Credit to qualifying patients.


Since most hearing aids are custom fit to your ear canal, the next step is to make a mold of your ears. This process is painless and quick. We send your ear mold to our manufacturer who crafts their technology into a device custom fit to your ear. We schedule you to return one week later for your fitting.


Your hearing aid specialist will fit you with your new hearing aids. At this time, they will also program and adjust your new hearing aids to “feel” as natural as possible. You will be given clear and easy directions on how to maintain the quality of your new hearing aids as well.


Our standard operations are to see you back in 1 and 3 weeks, then 3 months from the time of your fitting. After that, we will see you every 3-6 months to ensure your hearing aids are working properly. We look forward to seeing you and making a difference in your life!

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